Funniest Design Fails Ever
Best Tik Toks Of 2020
Dumbest People Of 2020
Things That Make No Sense
Worst Karen's of 2020
How Everyday Food Is Made
Thanksgiving Food Fails
Funniest Design Fails Ever
Brainiac Vihaan
Brainiac Vihaan Pred 8 urami
we have to eat at lunch
Dada Gonz
Dada Gonz Pred 8 urami
What really
Froilan Joseph Iboos
Froilan Joseph Iboos Pred 8 urami
the latesy episode is aboit warhammer titan getting punched
Jayden Simmons
Jayden Simmons Pred 8 urami
Got him hook,line and sinker
virg2840 virg2840
virg2840 virg2840 Pred 8 urami
I locked my sister in a cat cage and forgot about her........
Jacob 69
Jacob 69 Pred 8 urami
Camera upside down
Jacob 69
Jacob 69 Pred 8 urami
Journey Hampton
Journey Hampton Pred 8 urami
CHLOE WARD Pred 8 urami
I started crying cause i was imagining my mom and stepdad this is so real
•Syd's Aesthetix •
•Syd's Aesthetix • Pred 8 urami
9:54 coincedence?!? I THINK NOT!! well cuz these eggs are hella expensive. only in korea they are a little cheaper. the ones that are brown and heavy have 2 yols in them. every one of them. we had those before. but they smell hella disgusting
gacha unicorn
gacha unicorn Pred 8 urami
Ew the cake
Corso Tango
Corso Tango Pred 8 urami
8:45 Aang twinkle toe
malak mohamed
malak mohamed Pred 8 urami
Alce was 14 and in his/her birthday she /he is 15 now
missangie402 Pred 8 urami
Nicole Salley
Nicole Salley Pred 8 urami
When are you gonna do another video with your sister
Barbara Crockam
Barbara Crockam Pred 8 urami
I did this in 5th grade the little owl things and they where so fun you had to find bones and everything so good. Also we have to wash our hands/
Sofia Howley
Sofia Howley Pred 8 urami
You may want to change your phone number. Thats what i would have done after calling unknown people.
Royal high lover
Royal high lover Pred 8 urami
here you said you like this 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
ovin wijesinge
ovin wijesinge Pred 8 urami
Lia no offence but can u pls be nice to ash i mean if you trade a dog for a brown fox then give your pet to me i will take care of it
Sanulya Dissanayake
Sanulya Dissanayake Pred 8 urami
'Potato' my head hurts watching ,I survived
Jennifer Le
Jennifer Le Pred 8 urami
Please call her tomato b****
darya. kader
darya. kader Pred 8 urami
It was so funny to wach this vidio i love it
Jim Williams
Jim Williams Pred 8 urami
Mini_ Rollers
Mini_ Rollers Pred 8 urami
That mum look like she’s 44 yeah Gotta
Rilinda Shuteriqi
Rilinda Shuteriqi Pred 8 urami
I laugh so much wen the girl falls from the chair
Brandt Tech
Brandt Tech Pred 8 urami
When I was 8 my mom told me to watch her purse and I would straight up stare at it till she came back and I always thought it moved 😂
Salim Feisal
Salim Feisal Pred 8 urami
My parents Don't father has 3 wives
Algo Algitiz
Algo Algitiz Pred 8 urami
panda lover
panda lover Pred 8 urami
I have hay geber so i will cough do much that i cant breathe at times so i have to drink water when it happens
falange Pred 8 urami
Is anyone watching this in 2021
the Jackson twins
the Jackson twins Pred 8 urami
I got broccoli
Hannah Waterman
Hannah Waterman Pred 8 urami
I watch attack on titan
Pengugirll Gamer
Pengugirll Gamer Pred 8 urami
the fun Squad
the fun Squad Pred 8 urami
So the magic sword actually is underneath plastic
Alexa Cabrillas
Alexa Cabrillas Pred 8 urami
Wooooooowww 👌👌👌 💯💯💯 😍😍😍
amanda byrnside
amanda byrnside Pred 8 urami
When she said yay it sounded like she said gaaayyyy lol
Lourdes Ruiz
Lourdes Ruiz Pred 8 urami
Black 🤗
Erine Ann Mero
Erine Ann Mero Pred 8 urami
Hi 👋 I'm your fans ☺️
TRinLyNn Go4Th
TRinLyNn Go4Th Pred 8 urami
I saw the shadow
Brooklyn Flaningam
Brooklyn Flaningam Pred 8 urami
hes nicknames big ed wat u expect!
MJ MAC Pred 8 urami
No one should be ashamed of themself smile when you smile you don't need to be ashamed because when you smile your beautiful
Jessica Farrell
Jessica Farrell Pred 8 urami
:' )
hunaifrashid Quraishi
hunaifrashid Quraishi Pred 8 urami
definetly! not worth it!
Madison Rios
Madison Rios Pred 8 urami
I mean I guess if I had to choose between anymore I would be a gray wolf
Carrie Enneking
Carrie Enneking Pred 8 urami
I hear her talking about a peach **Looks over** Thats not a peach idk what fruit it is but its not a peach
Natasha Raymond
Natasha Raymond Pred 8 urami
Right after watching this video my friend is calling me : HOLY SHIT NO CALLED ID !!oh it's just u
Okuhle Dladla
Okuhle Dladla Pred 8 urami
Love u mom soo much
Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now
Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now Pred 8 urami
Not even funny
Asian Rice
Asian Rice Pred 8 urami
Karen: some type of box car Me: hold up *searches* its a railroad car
Fishy Wishy
Fishy Wishy Pred 8 urami
Aye yo I’ve been missing the og fortnite videos! Sssniperwolf I want a 1v1
Batsonic12iscool Pred 8 urami
I love Charlotte web
John Cordner
John Cordner Pred 8 urami
good video I loved it
Joudy Yasser
Joudy Yasser Pred 8 urami
AOT SPOILERS:The way the scouts just showed up was LEGENDARY,ESPECIALLY MIKASA
80.9Ksimpz Pred 8 urami
i sometimes stay up until the sun rises
Fatima Gamma
Fatima Gamma Pred 8 urami
ebz thebluh 2
ebz thebluh 2 Pred 8 urami
I watch u instead of sleeping
Casey 76
Casey 76 Pred 8 urami
i gotta catch up on attack on titan but i am still on season 2 :(
godzilla Minecraft
godzilla Minecraft Pred 8 urami
A z I just love your videos are so good
James Hughett
James Hughett Pred 8 urami
Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now
Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now Pred 8 urami
Why girls sleep weird
Madalynn Key
Madalynn Key Pred 8 urami
I have never seen this but my friends sang it
Kyle White
Kyle White Pred 8 urami
Team attack helicopter
Anaaya Hasan
Anaaya Hasan Pred 8 urami
When I sleep nicely and wake up in the morning me head on the Conner of the bed and me legs outside
Julie Miller
Julie Miller Pred 8 urami
If you feel like squeezing a dogs head don’t and your hair looks pretty
ginger bread
ginger bread Pred 8 urami
Ainasofea Mohammad Hasif
Ainasofea Mohammad Hasif Pred 8 urami
I tried asking these questions but my siri is nice 👍🏻
Reece Mathew Colobong
Reece Mathew Colobong Pred 8 urami
Scarlett Jones
Scarlett Jones Pred 8 urami
The loud breathing is soo real
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Pred 8 urami
Random girl: "ItChY cOoTcIe WiPeS" Me: "Ahh shit, here we go again."
sleepy sheep XD
sleepy sheep XD Pred 8 urami
I'm actually watching this on Sunday so lucky me
Jimin's A Devil Dressed As An Angel
Jimin's A Devil Dressed As An Angel Pred 8 urami
Who else is looking at the open doorm
Molten Ice
Molten Ice Pred 8 urami
I’m not deaf but I still need subtitles ;-;
anna white
anna white Pred 8 urami
virg2840 virg2840
virg2840 virg2840 Pred 8 urami
This one girl in my school was a legend. She would just whip out a pad in the middle of class and leave. no hiding at all.
Claire Smeal
Claire Smeal Pred 8 urami
rich kids: * showing off there house * me: **sitting on 10$ couch that i had for 7 years** ........
Kitty love Mikova
Kitty love Mikova Pred 8 urami
kajthug zx
kajthug zx Pred 8 urami
Nice I love your mech an you are the best youtuber in the world
Lisa Cock
Lisa Cock Pred 8 urami
That vacuum I have that
subtain haider
subtain haider Pred 8 urami
I like u long hair not shot
godzilla Minecraft
godzilla Minecraft Pred 8 urami
and I will give you a like